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Did you ever asking yourself
how to generate more guests in my property?

Are you wondering
why another Hotel having many guest from a certain region of the world and you dont have?

You dont understand
why some of your guests give you a bad comment and rating in the internet?



Property analysis for european traveller market

European travel specialists making a deep analysing and testing of:

  • all aspects of the accomodation
  • all facilities of the hotel and outlets
  • the food and beverage section, including quality and choice of the menu
  • the friendliness and service quality of your staff

You will get a extended and personalized report about our work as well as a very detailed recommondation what to do to attract the European traveller - tourist and/or business to stay with you. This property analysis will take about 2 weeks whereas about 4 - 8 days in your hotel, depends upon the facilities and outlets.

From existing customers, we not only hear that after our analysis, they have singnificant more European guests, but also a
much higher rate in booking engines as agoda and review sites as tripadvisor

for more details and costs please call or mail us.