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Businga Asia


our office location:

six battery road, level 42
singapore 049909

visits by appointment only,
please feel free to contact us

Certificate for Hotels
There are a number of official certificates issued by international companies. Some of them are serivcing as a criteria for international business and travel organizations to choose or consider you hotel as a businesspartner. Businga (asia) pty. is the expert to contact in order to choose the right certification for your hotel. Call our specialists a free quote today!

    our services

  • guest-related property analyses and consulting
  • risk-free consulting in preparation for ISO certificates
  • introduction and training for hotline front- and backoffice pms

our experiences

businga was founded in 1985 and is today still under the same management.
since 2005, businga operates with two departments:
- the headquarter with two offices in switzerland
- the hospitality department with a office in asia